COST per delegate: Contact TIQMS for a formal quote

Duration:  Maximum 4 Months. There is no minimum period so delegates can complete the course in less than 4 months.
                   Start date is the day the materials are e-mailed.

Materials will be e-mailed as soon as payment is received.
Electronic Certificates will be supplied.

Pre-Requisite:    None

Evaluating the need for RCA (Identifying the problem and establishing the project)

  • Criteria for problem description (Problem and mission statements)
  • Identifying Critical To Quality (CTQ) Characteristics
  • Process management and Flow diagrams
  • Cause & Effect diagrams (Fishbone/Ishikawa diagrams)

Measuring the problem

  • Developing operational definitions
  • Measure the symptoms
  • Defining boundaries
  • Data collection techniques
  • Tools for testing theories
    • Data sheets
    • Histograms
    • Scatter diagrams
  • Quality Function Deployment
  • Measurement System Analysis (MSA) overview
  • Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEAs) overview

Analysing the problem                                   

  • Brainstorming                                                        
  • Pareto analysis                                     
  • Histograms                                                        
  • Scatter diagrams                                             
  • Run charts

Improvement techniques

  • Evaluation of alternatives
  • Design improvements
  • Design for culture
  • Prove effectiveness
  • Implement improvements

Certification and Certificates:
Learners will be required to complete assignments during the four months period.
Learners are welcome to contact the Training Facilitator if experiencing difficulty. Should all assignments not be successfully completed within the 4 months period, no certificate will be issued. Learners will then have to re-register for the Training programme.

Successful Learners will receive an electronic TIQMS Certificate